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sandra vargas

art & design

Sandra Vargas is the person behind Sandygrafik, an independent graphic designer and illustrator based in Northern California.

Her Illustration Work

Sandra's big eyed girls and whimsical animals are inspired by nature, pop culture and old classic literature. She has developed her own personal style using a combination of both traditional and digital techniques, which give her creations a touch of uniqueness and singularity.

Sandra's work is a surprising journey through a world that can be sometimes light and whimsical, but on the other hand dark and eerie, inspired by her love for story books from her childhood, Victorian-Gothic literature and her curiosity about the strange and peculiar imagery.

Her Graphic Design Work

Sandra is also a creative Graphic Design professional who offers innovative visual solutions to individuals, small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations, creating all kind of printed materials, considering each step of the design process from initial conception to completion.

Sandra Vargas offers a high quality service and customer support, working closely with clients to determine project goals, budgets and time lines.

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